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Raven's Congress Installation

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RAVEN's congress installation



Hrafnaþing was designed in collaboration with Fanney E. Antonsdóttir for the ''New Nordic'' exhibition in the Louisiana Museum, Denmark in 2012. It was later exhibited in ''Nordic Cool Festival'' in the Kennedy Center, Washington in 2013.

The theme of the exhibition was the question ''What is Nordic for you?. The inspiration came from a reflection of their Nordic heritage, mythology and bond with nature, and the relationship between the physical and spiritual world.  Ravens have been used to symbolize darkness, mystery and intelligence. They represent a spiritual dimension, so close to and yet distant from everyday trivialities. In a rapidly changing world, the tension between the present and the past opens up a space for creative possibilities.

The raven skulls in the box face each other in a kind of duel; the transience and transformation of all things is the same dynamic energy that creates renewal. This concept is what gave  Hrafnaþing its name, as it means Ravneting in Danish and Ravens Congress in English. 


Stone-paper, porcelain, sand, fake grass/flower, LED light, plexiglas and photography